Junior Executive

Victoria is a third-year public relations and theatre double major at the University of Georgia, with an expected graduation date of May 2018. She hopes to be able to combine her two degrees and work in entertainment PR, specifically within the cinematic, theatrical, television and travel industries. Her specific PR interest is publicity within social media platforms, but she finds all aspects of PR fascinating. 

Victoria is obsessed with storytelling, which she credits to growing up with Disney. As an actress, she brings the character's story to life on stage and has an addiction to living in said story as it unfolds around her. With public relations, Victoria hopes to apply the same love of storytelling to her future employers' and clients' campaigns. 

Victoria is an active member of UGA's Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, where she is a part of the social media committee. Her growing skill set includes content development and visual design for social media. 

Victoria is the Junior Account Executive on a public relations team for KB Voiceovers. The team is currently working on a new marketing strategy for the client and sun setting previous efforts. As the Junior Account Executive, Victoria assumes project manager functions and acts as internal communications. Through her position, she has gained valuable leadership, communication and delegation skills. 

Victoria has lived all over this beautiful country, but she is a North-Easterner at heart. Her parents taught her that hard work and respect will take her a long way in life and she plans to hold onto these core values in both her personal and professional life. She has many idols who inspire and guide her, but one who has a large impact on her life is Walt Disney. Disney pursued his dreams even when most of the world was against him, and he came out on top. Like Disney, Victoria is focused on her goals and doesn't give up.

To learn more about Victoria you can visit her online portfolio or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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